Shpresa Programme


e want: the Albanian heritage to be strengthened and valued prejudice and discrimination towards and within the Albanian-speaking community to end young Albanians to feel confident and valued, and relations between them and older members to be mutually respectful and supportive an end to domestic violence and abuse, with men and women thriving equally strong and productive links between Albania and Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Çameri and Presevo Valley. To achieve this, we help the Albanian-speaking community in the UK to be: Informed – with a greater understanding of their rights and responsibilities Empowered – by feeling less isolated and with a strong support network, members have improved health and wellbeing (both physical and mental) and increase their skill set. And to experience: A sense of belonging – through a stronger and more positive cross-cultural Albanian/British identity A sense of security – through their relationship with Shpresa, as we are trusted and respected by providers and policy makers; working effectively for real and lasting change.


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