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We are all about collaboration - connecting people, projects and places.

BD_Collective brings the social sector of Barking and Dagenham together in partnership with others - organisations joining forces to address local challenges, develop initiatives, share good practice and showcase success.

We can connect you with people to:

  • Develop joint funding bids
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Mentor & share learning


Steering Group

Moving into Year 2, we have transitioned the Interim Board into the Steering Group.  This group is made up of people who are leading on BD_Collective related activities, primarily Networks.  As new networks are formed, the co-ordinator will be added into the Steering Group.

There will also be a Learning Group, made up of people from the Steering Group who will ensure all activity across Networks and other initiatives is driven by the Collective’s 4 values.  Members will self-select and there will be a maximum of 6 at any one time.

Karen West-Whylie

Member of the Learning Group

Nat Defriend

Member of the Learning Group

Nighat Bhola

Leading Food Network

Terry Miller

Co-leading Reimagining Adult Social Care Network

Liza Vallance

Co-leading Young People’s Network

Nathan Singleton

Co-leading Young People’s Network

Elaine James

Collective spokeswoman

Zahra Ibrahim

Co-leading Early Help Network & Learning Group member

Avril McIntyre

Secretariat management & Learning Group member

Alison Cormack

Co-ordination & partner support

Lorraine Goldberg

Co-leading Reimaging Adult Social Care Network

The Charter

We have a set of simple statements about the basis of our working together. Take a moment to review our Charter - we hold each other to these principles.

Meetings & Plans

Notes from the meeting of the Board will be published here along with forthcoming plans.

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