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The good work that you are doing deserves to be shared.

From sports clubs and social enterprises to disability groups and faith communities, each one helps people to belong and to make positive contributions.

You may be able to encourage, support or suggest others. We want to facilitate this and connect you.

 We would like to hear about:

 ●  Success that you are seeing
 ●  Skills you’d like to share with others
 ●  Opportunities to partner with others
 ●  Resident & volunteer involvement


Others are saying

Karen West Whylie,

CEO Business Enterprise Centre, Barking

For many years I have been passionate about the role of women in business, when I say business, I mean in its broadest context…the private, public and of course social sector. I believe that female led organisations offer a different perspective authentic leadership, commitment to supporting individuals as well as understanding the needs of all women to balance home life, work and the all-important and much talked about self-care.

Understandably, I was delighted when the BD Collective of which I am a founding partner talked about ways to support women’s groups in the borough. We had an idea that if we could get some of the smaller groups in a ‘room’ we could find out what everybody does, what their challenges were and what opportunities might present themselves for future working hopefully together!

We were not disappointed the groups who came were all doing a broad perspective of work from supporting mums and toddlers, managing enterprises to the Women’s Institute which is over 100 years old nationally. It will come as no surprise that we found common themes resources, premises, the work of groups who support isolated women, domestic violence, serious youth violence and of course the not easily solved issue of funding.

So what next, well the group will meet on a monthly basis, feel free to get involved we will publish the programme, and again if you cannot make every meeting dip in and out when topics appeal and resonate with you.

Women’s empowerment month is upon us and there is a shed load of things to get involved with including the events at my own organisation for whom we have partnered with the Bath Haus Spa. We decided to go with a well-being theme this year and you can find out about our events using the link below.

To find out more about the women’s group initiative then contact Alison Cormack on 07925 942121 we look forward to seeing you and hearing your suggestions and ideas of how we can deliver support through the BD Collective.

Himanshu Jain,

Chair of the Barking and Dagenham Faith Forum


As a local faith leader, I am passionate about promoting good relations between people from different backgrounds and enjoy working with those of other backgrounds to improve the lives of local residents and promote religious and racial harmony.

BD Collective allows us to share our initiatives and events with more audiences and collaborate better with other organisations who share our vision and goals.

C W Community Payback Manager

I work with those who need to undertake Community Payback Orders. I am always on the lookout for ways of collaborating with local organisations and individuals to see how my groups can add value and improve our communities. I’m excited that through connecting with BD Collective, there are great things in the planning stages that will not only provide meaningful tasks for my work groups, but also provide me: a born and bred resident, with beautiful spaces to enjoy in my leisure.