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We exist to enhance the quality of life and experience of vulnerable and disadvantaged people especially children and young people. OUR VISION We see a people working together in unity of purpose, living in dignity and enjoying all of their human rights. CORE VALUES Inspire - People and communities to express their needs and how the needs can be met Partner – with key actors to access all the resources needed Equip - the people to make the changes they desire Viable – Meeting the needs of the present and provide for the next generations WORK ETHOS Our work ethos runs through the heart of all our projects, services and activities. Excellence Matters – requiring us to be accountable, effective, resilient, responsible, transparent while going the extra mile and learning from others Relationship Matters – requiring us to locate all the available assets, and connect them with one another in ways that multiply their power and effectiveness as we are a part of a greater cooperation against poverty Quality Service Matters – to deliver projects in a way that empowers the communities and meets their expected outcomes Innovation Matters – to be creative, dynamic and rapidly adapt to changes in our communities Absolute Sustainability - building viable social enterprises and ensuring project continuity without depending on aids.


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