Spotlight On: Box Up Crime

Inspired in 2012 from the loss of valued friends due to gang affiliation and crime, Stephen Addison launched the project ‘Box Up Crime’ in 2013, a new initiative which provides social change through social innovation. We use sports – in particular boxing, as a tool to inspire, educate and develop young individuals, specifically those who have been involved in crime. This will be used as a foundation to continually create awareness and confidence building with communities. We strive to develop strong relationships with secondary schools within the borough, promising to provide assistance to improve student’s behaviour.

BoxUpCrime is a social youth organisation operating out of London. We work with young people at risk of having their lives ruined by crime and motivate them to rebuild and recapture their dreams and aspirations. We believe that every young person is entitled to a bright future, inspired by their hopes and dreams, regardless of their background. We deliver our tailored sessions to schools, Pupil Referral Units and community centres across London. In our weekly sessions, we offer a foundation of discipline through engaging boxing training, educational programmes and mentoring. We provide young people job opportunities and apprenticeships as a stepping stone to their future. (Pre-Covid)

We provide the opportunity and resources in order to help all young people discover a true sense of self identity as well as guiding them to develop self-motivation strategies. Once being equipped with this, it will allow them to go on to self-fulfilment, making a successful life accessible, and ultimately decreasing and preventing the chance of them becoming a victim of senseless murders and going to prison.  

We have venues in Dagenham and Barking.

Currently, our website is under construction, but please contact us on:

Telephone: 07972685945