by Jenny Fribbins

I left this week’s Reimagining Adult Social Care event feeling excited and a little bit inspired, which is strange: I’m in the room for technical support and administrative purposes, and none of my current ‘hats’ have anything to do with adult social care. However, I feel privileged to attend a range of BD Collective’s network events alongside so many passionate individuals, who genuinely care about people in our borough.
There is a sense in the ‘room’ that things are beginning to turn from talking into action. Talking is important and it has built a foundation for what comes next but I’m sure that no one who attends the various networking events is interested in just talk.
The events are filled with people who want to see positive change for our borough and who are keen to be part of it.
What I really came away with is this phrase that was used, ‘back to the future’. We were reminded that LBBD Social Care, in the past, has worked collaboratively with the voluntary sector and other social sector agencies to provide quick, practical support for the people who need it.
It was then posted in the chat that in fact, the East End were famous for their collaborative ‘wartime’ effort and there is a sense that we need to recognise what is in our DNA.
Another member of the group was then able to pinpoint that the reason that this collaborative working was so successful, was the fact that it was people centred; where agencies and organisations are focused on the outcome, and our care for those who need our services is not about ticking boxes.
Another thing that is clearly valued by those involved is the building of relationship with one another. It’s a big and diverse borough and it is a privilege to ‘sit in a room’ and have face to face contact. One of the key values of the Collective is trust and we’re being given the opportunity to develop that trust, through recognising the common goals of many different organisations: to bring about positive change to the people we serve.