It’s so easy to fall into the trap of seeing yourself, your social enterprise, your charity, your organisation, as standing alone in trying to see positive change in Barking&Dagenham.
Your customers and those you interact with may be saying things like, ‘nobody else listens to me’ and ‘we need more people like you’ and yes, whilst that is nice to hear, part of the joy of being part of the Collective is that you know that you are not alone.
As part of a conversation with Kemi Oloyedi, founder of Sew London Project (which in happier times teaches Children and Adults how to upcycle, sew and craft), she remarked that being part of the Collective enabled her to know that others had the same struggles.
It’s one thing to know that there are other people out there doing things similar to yourself, it’s another thing to journey together and support one another.
Recently Kemi has been contacted by other ‘creative’ groups, like Cocoon and Green Shoes Arts and they’ve shared ideas and thought about ways of collaborating. Not only might this help with accessing funding opportunities but working this way shares strengths and allows support for weaknesses.
The work that each organisation does can feel like an uphill struggle at times but the reality is that in our common goal, of helping the people we serve, we are definitely not alone.