My name is Kye, I coordinate a programme from the local authority called Step Up, Stay Safe.

Step Up, Stay Safe is an approach to tackling exclusions and serious youth violence affecting young people in Barking and Dagenham. It’s led by different departments across the Council. We work with community organisations, the youth offending service, and local stakeholders to further support the wellbeing and resilience of children, young people, and adults.

We support projects that are centred around community development and the upskilling of participants, all with the aim to improve outcomes for young people. All of which are completely free!

You may have seen our ‘Lost Hours’ campaign which aims to raise awareness about the hours of 3-7pm and the heightened danger of crime and exploitation during that time. If you haven’t please visit to find out more.

Currently, we have a lot of opportunities for children, young people, and adult residents to take part in for free – I will highlight some of these below!

Kye – Step Up, Stay Safe Coordinator (Barking and Dagenham Council).

What’s on offer?

Peer support for parents

Parent/Carer Champion Network – the local authority and Lifeline are working in partnership to support a Champion network.

The Champion network is a great opportunity to engage with peers who have been trained to help other parents and carers support their children, especially around issues of serious youth violence and exclusions.

If you are interested in talking to another parent who has expertise in supporting children and young people, please visit Lifeline – Champion Network

Trauma-informed training
Spark2Life are delivering trauma awareness training sessions for adult members of the Barking – and Dagenham community who want to improve their interactions with young people. This is open to all adults and sessions can be booked for large cohorts of referrals.

Training will take place via Zoom.

For more information please contact: and copy (cc)

Opportunities for young people
The borough has a rich offer for young people at risk of serious youth violence, exploitation, and exclusion from school.

We are lucky to be supported by some great organisations across the borough, including but not restrictive to:

  • Arc Theatre
  • Ab Phab Youth Club
  • Box Up Crime
  • Future M.O.L.D.S Communities
  • Future YouthZone
  • Lifeline Community Projects
  • Spark2Life
  • Studio 3 arts
  • WDP – Subwize
  • Youth at Risk Matric (YARM)
  • Youth League UK

Please feel free to get in touch about the programme by emailing

Thank you for your time,