Triangoals – Unlocking Potential

Established in 2013 by us, TrianGoals is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC), number 9136320.

We have both lived within the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham for a number of years, and are residents of Estuary and L&Q housing associations. In establishing TrianGoals, we wanted to make a real change in our neighbourhood, creating opportunities for residents. Our mission is to provide a range of activities for the residents of Barking Reach and Barking Riverside that are accessible and affordable. We strive to ensure that throughout our work, all residents are welcome to participate regardless of their landlord, housing tenure,gender,age,faith or culture. Since 2012 we have worked with different organisations and in partnership with other community groups in Barking and Dagenham  to run countless successful projects that have benefited the community.

Needs of our community

Being highly respected within our community, we know and understand the needs of local residents. Whilst the overall regeneration of Barking and Dagenham remains a success, we know that a large number of households, many of which live in social housing, are economically inactive. Therefore, we have specifically focused our attention to developing projects and activities that benefit two key groups:

Some of the activities we do provide are Multisports, Dance and music classes, Wing Chun karate classes, football club Triangoals youth fc, Summer holiday programmes for the youth, Easter and other half term breaks programmes,. We also host annual events such as Community feast, Black History month, cultural diversity events, Women Empowerment every last Saturday of the month, The Youth Voice for the young people, Family fitness and many more. Triangoals team are dedicated to reach out to the wider community of Barking and Dagenham engaging families and youth into health activities that will help them improve their well being. During the lock down Triangoals team have continued to reach out to residents providing them with essential needs and working with Barking and Dagenham team provide more help if needed as well directing them to the right people who would offer much help.

You can get in contact with Triangoals team through our online channels:


Above: TrianGoals founders and Directors Jeorgina Soares and Fatuma N Sessimba