Spotlight On: Humdum

HumDum UK, registered as a CIC in December 2019, has been actively serving since November 2016, hot and fresh food items in the Borough of Barking and Dagenham to 50 plus vulnerable persons weekly. Although we started our operations in 2018 in Barking, HumDum's legacy is over 4 years old.

The service is not limited to Food Service but is also extended to cooked and raw take away meals, health, hygiene, sanitation, and clothing support. This is aimed at providing at least 3 balanced meals a week and keeping additional meals for pick up at our Barking Centre. Using indigenous documented and Digital processes, HumDum keeps track of Service User trends, demands, expectations, and growth. HumDum aims to empower Users to help stand back on their feet, becoming valuable residents of the Barking and Dagenham Borough. With Media Coverage in BBC, multiple awards in 2019 for our work in the Social Sector, and recognition across London, HumDum has been able to successfully help empower some service users to gain meaningful employment. The project has supported an average of at least 50-100 people a week. All recipients were either unemployed or on a low income and this was verified and documented via our offline and online verification processes. We accommodated both families and single individuals. At least 5-10 people on average each week were street homeless, and a further 10 families and individuals were also with no recourse to public funds. We also supported at least 7-10 families a week, with a collective total of at least 10-15 children coming to the Saturday drop-in.

If you would like to help us or get in touch. please reach out to us at You can also reach out to the undersigned directors for any specific questions.

Sahil Shukla -, +447726670283
Nighat Bhola -, +447970610430

Our registered office address is 121-125 Ripple Road, Barking, England, IG11 7FN.