Barking & Dagenham Impact Report

The BD_Collective has commissioned an Impact Report which will be key as we start to move forward out of lock down.  The report will enable us to fully understand the impact of the COVID 19 crisis on the social sector across the borough and is vital as we plan the recovery strategy.
We want all social sector partners to be involved and we would like to share your contact details with CSC who will be doing the report. 

If you prefer not to be involved, please contact as soon as possible.  There will be online surveys and telephone interviews.  If you would specifically like to request a telephone interview, just let Alison know otherwise we will randomly select from our mailing list.
This is an important report, as is the recovery strategy.  We will involve you at every stage and share all findings with you.  Please do make sure this is a worthwhile exercise by engaging and sharing what’s been happening in your organisation over this period.

Civil Society Consulting (CSC) is an independent, not-for-profit social enterprise – a Community Interest Company (CIC) – which started life a decade ago. Civil Society Consulting CIC aims to build community cohesion, individual skills, and institutional capacities at a hyper local level, with a keen focus on the most socially deprived and diverse neighbourhoods in the country. The CIC prioritises people and focuses on impact in its approach to all the work that they undertake.
Founded at the height of the then Government 'austerity' agenda, the CIC is committed to supporting smaller 'grassroots' community-based organisations. Enabling them to flourish and to tackle the problems that exist in their local communities. Recently, the team have worked extensively with faith and civil society organisations in: Barking & Dagenham, Blackpool, Liverpool, Ipswich, Peterborough and across the West Midlands, east Anglia and south-east London.  
The CIC was set up by charity sector experts – Mark Ereira-Guyer and James Baddeley – and is supported by design expert, Jordan Blyth. The team was later joined by other specialists with expertise in communications, social and community research, development, PR and social media, web-design, policy and back office support, including Natasha Ereira-Guyer and Lucy Walmsley.