There’s a lot going on in our current networks next week and that’s exciting! We hope to see many of you at some point in the week.

We currently have three networks established: The Food Network, Early Help for Families, Reimagining Adult Social Care; another in the process of coming together – The Greening Network; with a fifth, looking at working with young people, on its way!

Why we believe in the networks:
Collaboration is a key word for us. The belief is that as a borough, we are stronger when we work together, trust one another, share resources and power, communicate effectively with one another and support to each other. Whether you’re a one-man band, small organisation, or a big fish, there is room for you in our networks.

We’ve come so far:
We’re pleased with what the Collective has achieved up to this point, but there’s further to go. We’d love to see more networks created, helping to connect what you’re doing with the work of others. What other networks would be useful in the borough? What else could be done to improve the lives of the residents of Barking and Dagenham?

Where do I start?
What area do you currently work in or are passionate about? Let’s take homelessness as an example…are there other groups that are also working in this area? Could a network be helpful to you – a place where you could share your struggles and consider collaboration opportunities with others? Give us a shout at – we’re here to help facilitate e.g. help link you with others in the same field, help organise etc.

We believe there is so much potential in the networks and working together in this way and whether you want to start a new network or join an existing one, we’d love you to be part of what we’re doing.