The council is in the process of rolling out its Community Hubs programme which will see a network of hubs created across the borough – one for each ward. The hubs will be welcoming places for residents to go to – to talk to someone, get help and support and to access a mix of universal targeted and statutory services. The Community Hubs will be rolled out in phases with the first 8 opening in September – October 2021 and all hubs to be open by April 2022.

Vision: A place to go, a place to talk, a place to do

The vision for Community Hubs is about putting services and support closer to where residents are. Residents will be able to find advice and support at their local hub. The Community Hubs network will ensure a range of places in our neighbourhoods that are gateways to information, advice, and support. Our Hubs will be connecting with and working alongside other resources and partners for more collaborative and joined up working across the system and in our neighbourhoods. This enables VCS and partner organisations to do more from our hubs, thus connecting and growing the networks of residents and networks of social sector and informal civil society support in our neighbourhoods. Part of the aim, will be to reduce demand.

Please see dates of the community hub launch.

Contact Jacquie Hutchinson if you’d like to know more.

Phone: 020 8227 3707